2. My Callisto Momentz: True Love Never Works!!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

True Love Never Works!!!

I am hurt today to say that I am literally failed in my mission,
its so strange how people just forget them whom they used to miss every
second, how they are ready to blame each other and forget the day they
promise that they will love each other with no string attached.
I always use to hear love stories which never have a happy
ending... But I never thought in my wildest dream that my buddy will
suffer with this unending pain.
How could she do this!! How could she do this!! Every time whenever I
see him crying foh her, I just ask God, why did this happen to him, He,
who helped her so much, He who rescued her frm the pit of sorrows and
sufferings. He who gave her a new life full of happiness!! How could
she do this to him!!! God, I jus pray that wherever she is, she
realises one day that she has thrown a diamond to choose stones!!! I
jus hope she be happy in her life cuz someday she is gonna regret over
itt!!! This is a solely and clearly example of a person being so
UNFAITHFUL in love!!!!

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