2. My Callisto Momentz: Its not Potty.. Its PO-TI !!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Its not Potty.. Its PO-TI !!!

Holla ladies...!!!
Who can be the best frnd of a gurl... A cat? No, cuz gurlz r bitches!! (And m proud to say that)... So who? A dog... No... Cuz gurlz alwys hate men, and men r dog (so leave that option too) so who is it... Ummm I think a Rabbit is a very good option eh ;)
And where as our pets concern our guys r doing that job very well... So I need someone who can listen to me, who dnt barge when I talk, who dnt get irritate wid me and WHO loves me more wid nothing wanting in return...
Recently der was an impulse idea came in my mind to have a pet.. So I and my bestie went to the pet market... Der I saw very less choices... So we decided to go back home empty handed ☺ but then suddenly our eyes fell on this cute, little, furry creature.. We went there to see'em... I really liked it.. And as alwys ma bestie read my mind and told me to buy it...though I liked it, I did not wanted to buy it nevertheless... Cuz my savings were der in my wallet to buy a pet dog.. Nt for those rabbits... Bt this fella is so wicked.. He bought a pair and jus handed them to me... And I was like "nahi, mujhe nahi chahiye" (oh u shud have seen my expression) hahaha... Den at last he convinced me to keep them with me... (I acted like I have got an award or something)..
Then we planned to go back home... On our way we were jus planning what wud be the name of the two rabbits we've bought??? *A BIG QUESTION* (I hold both of cheek and sat wid him on his bike , thinking abt the question all the way) Then a very quick idea came on my mind... How abt jus playing wid his and my nick name , mix them, jumbled them and create a different name.... And the names which I got out from our names... Was nt only different... Bt its really queer, unexpected and damn cute.... And its "PO-TI" (grinnnnn) yeah... Have u ever heard anyone calling ur potty cute... Bt when ma friends will come to see my pets... They alwys say it in a loud voice *happily* "Ur PO-TI are really very cute" hahahaha!!! Ain't it really funfull name, I just Wish that they never grow up... I like them like how theu are right now... Small and cute... They are very special for me... and of course they will be... Cuz they are "The Gifts Of Mt BESTIE" ☺ ...
I think ya'll shud start having a pet or something (ps: who ll dont have any) Cuz they are really cute and worth our care ♥
they are really kewl... and you dont need to be a master in that... all s you have to do just browse through sites on how to take care of ur pets...www.wikihow.com/care-for-a-rabbit has done a very helpful job in my case...so all the ladies... best of luck *all thumbs up*!!
Now I say adios to u all... Bt plz dnt try to eat ur head up thinking what could be my and my bestie's nick name :p

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