2. My Callisto Momentz: Was it till here??

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Was it till here??

I guess there is always a time when you have to think about all the big & small things in your life... Which relates to other people more than yourself... Among those people few are there for some relation & few exist for some reason..though it takes a yonks to know what is it exactly, sometime we just leave few relationship without giving it the same attention, not because we ignore it but because we are sure that bond is going to be there forever, its like those wild flowers which doesn't need no nourishing, no water & no extra care.. It just grows & blossoms beautifully.
I too have a relationship which is just like this wild flowers which never demanded any attention, never applied any condition,& I just went with the flow being unaware of that fact that someday this relationship will emerged out to be so demanding that I will have to stake my life to save it, I can't, no more... We said that we will keep our friendship with no string attached, we will understand each other & we will tackle all the problem together, we will no comment on our personal life..we will cooperate with all the state of our life..when I will fall you will hold me, when you will cry I will wipe your tears, when you are sad I will be your joker, but I think it was all an illusion, it was all a toy play for you,I could not believe in my ears when you said those harsh words to me & just closed my all the way which leads to you, you said you will be my BFF.. I think you were joking.
I thought you to be my guardian angel, you turned to be a devil of my life... Why?? Why?? We said we will stay BFF but I think this is the time we should drop the curtain to the play.. Where we tried to act our best to be each others support & strength... But I just ask myself only one question time & again.. " Was it till here??? " ☹

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