2. My Callisto Momentz: Do it if You Love It !!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Do it if You Love It !!

Hello Ladies... how r ya"ll ?

I know its been quite a very very long time I have not posted (though i am not a daily blogger).. I dunno how many of you read my blog, i think no one my blog has not came under notice of you people, may be writing a blog ain't my forte but i love to tell things about me and my life, and that ain't need any skill, right??

 I want people to know me through this blog, not as a great blogger but as a Common Indian Girl. May be I dunno how to pen down my feelings but I really want to share my daily dealings in life.. Its not about being famous but its about being one of you, its about sharing my problems with ya'll and solving yours too (I'd be glad if I'll able to do so), you will think that why ain't I go to a counsellor if i really wanna share my problems and feeling stress.. No, that ain't help me.. the counsellor will not Empathize me... he will Sympathize me.. That person ain't listen to me as ME but as a person who will be getting paid for listening to me and trying his best of advises to solve my problem, that person ain't put himself on my shoes but only will change his/her perspective :)

                     I want someone who thinks like me and  feels like me.. I know its hard, its hard to find that one person who exactly feel the same BUT i know if you people are reading my blog.. aaaaaaaand if its 10 people out there who are reading my blog, I might get at least one among them who is just like ME!!!
   I promise I might not touch your wits but i can touch your heart. Recently i was thinking to give up with this blogging thing but at that moment I came across with something which change my mind from giving up, I decided I will stand up and stand high.. I will write and I will keep writing for myself becuz penning my thoughts down gives me an immense feeling of satisfaction.. Every word takes away a small small pieces of that burden which is pressing my heart, when I blog I feel like I share things with SOMEONE and I feel so light (though I know practically its not been shared to a single person even)
   There is a saying "karm kar, phal ki iccha na kar" (Do you duty, without concerning about results).. I will follow this in  my blog life too.. i will blog about my daily situations, article which changes my feelings, people who I love and care about and above all I will write about me.. without thinking and expecting my blog to be read by people.. I will blog....

Yes, I will Blog


Thanks for stopping here.. eh? wh-what? you wanna say something... arey go on.. Bindaasly, Joanna values your opinion and thoughts !!!!
xoxo, thanx