2. My Callisto Momentz: Text-War!!

Monday, 2 September 2013


Hello Ladies!!
I'm sorry for I post late these days.. My lappy is damaged so I'm afraid I wont be able to post for few more days..
Last night I & my guy had an argument on importance & priorities, I felt somehow that I am becoming an option for him, which I was wanted him to realise & rectify.. But guess what? "Men will be men" the discussion went on for long but we could not iron out our disagreements, so I felt its better to stop fighting rather than making a mountain outta mole hill, I pretended to feel sleepy, said bye & disconnected, after a while I got a text from him, he wrote a small shayari quote for me..

(we sometime convey with each other through our self made quotes)

 I read it and my fingers & my mind started working on it instantly... I would like to show ya'll that small piece of our thought "text-war" over here... Here I go....

                                                ~ He ~
                                     Auro ke liye jeena, apne liye marjaana...
                            Yuhi baar baar tut ne se behtar khud ko bikhar jaana
                              Maujon se lad jayenge hum.... Tum paar utar jaana
                                                 Yeh toh ab adat si hai..
                          "Woh vaadon se mukar jaana... Raah mein bichar jaana"

                                                 ~ Me ~
                                 Auro ke liye sab jeete hai, kabhi kisi pe maro toh jane...
                Bade daave pyaar ke sab karte hai, kabhi thoda sa hi sahi, pyaar karo, toh jane
                                    Akele na koi kisi se lad paya hai na lad payega,
                 Saath maang ke dekho, mil kar kinare tak pohochne mein mazaa aayega.
                                     Vaade se mukarna kisi ki aadat nahi hoti... 
                                      Ya toh yeh majboori hai ya toh bebasi...
                                 Ek baar puch ke dekho, sab pata chal jayega!!

I think one day will come when we will not have to fight & everything that needs discussion & decision will be discussed & decided ☺


  1. awwww i like this blo!! Wanna read more from you babes, Keep Blogging!

    1. thanx for appreciating it Ruth... :) like the name.


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