2. My Callisto Momentz: Wondering Why??

Friday, 6 September 2013

Wondering Why??


           "Jane kyon woh kisi pe marte hai , Jane kyon woh kisi pe marte hai"

 Recently I have caught myself listening to this song  mostly..I'm with Aamir Khan's words. Actually this time I've not been shot by Cupid's arrow but Eris has thrown her apple of discord at me.. "LOVE" this word has been discussed in my few blogs.. If ya'll have read my blog then you will notice I have talked about love and its goodness.
But why will I praise something which is destroying me and my life gradually. These days I am not finding anything which can comfort me being in love. I always find myself collecting proofs against it and then to be so sure not to fall in love again on the basis of those examples. I got a failure in my love relationship, its been a while that I have left pondering on love relationship, and I think when you say you love someone, its not necessary it has to be for your guy, It can be described fir your friend as well.the important thing is who makes you feel more loved...and for Mr its my friends and specially my bestie.. who I love the most...
There are different kinds of love, when someone says "I Love you" it could mean many different things, Its written in the Bible as well. There are 4 kinds of love I have set in my life according to the Bible.

1. Divine Love - for my Lord Almighty

2. Brotherly Love - I am always good at it for God's grace

3. Family Love - this love is not only for my family but for my friends too

4. Romantic Love - this is not used at its best yet :p

Gimme a hug please

 I have always taken my friend as a part of my family, i keep them very close to my heart, it happened many a times that I have fought for them with my own people, just to protect them. I'm very fond of my friends,I never ever thought that a day will come I will have to prove myself that I always think their good, I can never ever be selfish in this relationship, they are whom I look up to when I am in trouble, they are whom I go to share my problems and cry my heart out though I have seen them making bored face when I talk about my feelings know none of them are interested hearing me, Last night i had a huge argument with my BFF and he has spoken few words which has just slashed my hearts into million pieces, based on some importance and priorities (I'm sorry I wont be able to share more on this with ya'll, please accept my apologise for this),  he was the only one I was dependent, I have never given importance to anyone where his involvement is there, he was always right for me, even if we fight , we used to patch up at the end of the day.... but what happened now?? we have fought and decided not to talk to each other, somehow I am managed to spent an entire day without calling or texting him.. but its like a walk on the the path full of thorns for me,i have never imagined how my life would be without him, its like i am trying to figure out something in the darkness, I am missing my Bestie :'( Please God! make him aware of his mistakes so that he realises he has offended me.. come back my bestie, I dnt need a SORRY... I need a HUG.... craving for the masti we used to do together... miss U my "Massa Wala Bestie"... please come back!!


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