2. My Callisto Momentz: Oh Shit!!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Oh Shit!!!

I am such a bitch!! stupid, idiot and so unorganised!! Shea!!
I do not have my own lappy... I use my office's PC to blog... sneakingly! So today I was writing my post and the topic was so touchy that I went writing on and on and on... Generally I do that and when any senior comes I switch the screen to my report page so that when they come to check they find me working... (I am so clever, whatever) I blog what comes in my mind instantly. Like others, I don't ponder about what should be my blog topic or title or what should I write in my post which will attract more reader.. nah!! I said it in my introduction post before that "I will speak my heart out to ya'll" So with that thought in my mind I was penning down my thoughts. I was so engaged in my post that I could barely noticed my senior on the floor.. Suddenly I noticed him coming towards my table to check with me... I was sooooooooooooooo soooooooooo so damn  flummoxed by his approach to me that unknowingly I started tapping my fingers on the keyboard and holding my mouse from left to right so abruptly and my eyes on that senior at the same time and theeeeeen.... what the efff!!! I deleted my post my pressing Ctrl Z and to make it more worst I had find myself in a home page of google!! Arrrggghhh!!! I had NO option of getting my post back even pressing Ctrl Y , buhuhuhuhuhuhu!!! :( I felt so sorry for myself for being so dumb at that moment... but no use cuz "jo ho gaya so ho gaya" (what's done cannot be undone). I wish I'd had Ginnie who can fulfil my 3 wishes at this moment... I'd asked him....
                            1) Please get my deleted post back to me!

                            2) Please get my deleted post back to me!

                            3) Please get my deleted post back to me!



  1. hahahahaha!! I really hope you get a lappy asap.. would get to read more! I wish I could cast a spell.


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