2. My Callisto Momentz: Love Me Or Hate Me.....

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Love Me Or Hate Me.....

         Y'all might be thinking why suddenly posting of this song has appeared in here... Its becuz i am too influenced with this song at the moment.... i wanna feel the sovereignty  in my life now though it has erupted very lately in me.... but "Jab Jage Tab Hi Savera" (Its Better Late Than Never)... now I have opened my eyes to this new world where I will do whatever I like and live however I want to... I am done with being fake it till you make it...my goodbyes to my old stinging memories.....
woohoooo!!! Say HELLO to the New World !!

                                      Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession.
                                      Love me or hate me, that is the question.
                                               If you love me then thank you!
                                               If you hate me then fuck you!

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  1. time heals evrything and teach us a lot.. best wishes are there on your way :)


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