2. My Callisto Momentz: Apu's Wedding Was Awesome!!!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Apu's Wedding Was Awesome!!!

Ello Sweople!! How ya'll have been doing... Gr8? Fantastic? Good? Not Good or Bitchy?? I know, this changing weather is effecting on our daily moods too, innit? I think It  has made me go under the weather twice in a week.Whatever, I wanna tell ya'll bout a super wedding ceremony I have attended before I hit the blanket to get some sweat which will sweep the fever off my body (mumma used to say this). I cannot just imagine that few days back I was looking so beautiful with the make up ofcource in the wedding and now I am looking like a tucked chicken in a blanket :(

oh my my! look at me just look at me ;)

love this saree, Baby has gifted me this saree and said "wear it if u wanna look good on the wedding day" whaaaaaat? HawHawHaw  Haw mean of u baby to say like that! but I can excuse u for this cuz the fact that you bought something for me *with love*. I am not so comfy in sarees, I don't wear'em cuz I cant handle it well, I get basophobia, (though it never leads me to not want to stand up at all) nevertheless I wore it. I think I did quite a justice with baby's thought *shrug*

sweat and heat of a blanket has made me a boiled chicken

and now look at me... I never thought I would look so ugly in double the amount of beautiful I looked in the wedding, I wish fever extinct like dinosaurs. Fever doesn't cut it off, I will still blog and fight with you moron.
Anyway, one good thing which gave me wings is my pictures are 100 times more than the bride [not boasting hun, kasam se (I swear)] and the bad things was everyone in the wedding was hitting the same question like a bullet at me!! everyone was like tum kab kar rahi ho shaadi (when are you getting married) ?? At one point of time I wondered if I have not come in some family settlement questionnaire. This is why I hate to attend any marriage, cuz I get bummed when people look at me, give a pathetically irritating smile and say "you are next"! Arrrgh !! how badly I wanna see'em in someone's funeral and tell'em the same phrase wickedly.. Oh God, Please forgive me for this Such a bitch I am. Anyway, I am a self-dependent and a grown up girl ya, I know I will definitely get married when I will feel the time is right, I have a person who loves me with no string attached, he never forces his decision on me then why you people are so bothered about it, Yeah I don't mind with their faaltu questions as long as they admittedly want to invest their money for my marriage :p, I dunno, mumma also irritates me asking the same question some time (where do I go now??) "do you think your damaad ji (son-in-law) will run away by trampling over your daughter's pride and crushing her love and affection?? Really?" [arched eyebrow] Perhaps you need to reinterpret your data so that you would never think like that again. honey I don't wanna spoil my mood by talking about all of urs nonsense questions! *bah*.
So Where were we? Ah! The wedding ... Refresh it again with some beautiful pics :)
Ain't we look made for each other ?

Two very important men in my life!!(Baby and my BFF, Love'em to bits)

 There was a time when I was never into Social Networking that much.But now I am amazed seeing the menu wall of my Blackberry. Its full of so many Social Apps :D

Somehow I feel social networking has played an important role in my life, It has improved me being more friendly and  extrovert, It had got me the most wonderful BFF in my life (Yes, I met him on FB) and I am happy to see that my baby's  relatives supposed to be my would be in laws know me without even meeting me before, not even once just because of FB. They know me though Facebook... hahahaha.. It really gives me an immense feeling that I am sososo so famous on FB, I sometime get worried as well cuz they all stalk on me and my oh-not-their-types Pics and statuses *biting nails*. So what, everything doesn't come handy. Everything has some pros and cons, even Life is a part of it. Sometime it gives us so much and sometime nothing. Sometime its a bowl of cherries and sometime it throws lemon at us.But ya'know This is Life and so it will e but you do not stop living.. innit?
I gotta go now before my boss peeps in again.. You know why.. I told ya'll that I use my office PC to blog, don't ya'll remember?? never mind. Isse pehle that horse faces bitch comes to check on me and I do that same mistake I did last time, Imma logging of preserving my good memories with ya'll. Enjoy it and Enjoy life too..
Bubye... Tatas!!

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