2. My Callisto Momentz: Just Another day!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Just Another day!

Hello Ladies....

           Today its 14th Feb, A Valentine's day. Where all the couples are planning to go out for a candle light dine, for gifts and presents and flowers, for a long promenade hand in hand, someone must have already thought to ask their gurl's hand for marriage (thinking its a right time to pop the question as the gurl might get on the rocks to say NO :p), to kiss and make up, its a day of Red and Black, its a day of heart shaped balloons floating in the sky, cards & roses (specially red bunches) & obviously a day for lots of promotion in stores to make people go through damages in buying solitaires & diamonds! *banao banao, aur chutiya banao* (make fool out of everyone) and here is Me, on the other hand celebrating the Tom's in Town. hmph!! It had made it a just another day for me, nothing special today types. I tell you my stomach is paining so badly , I think all my guts are playing "tug-of-war" and the half of it can come out at any moment! I am not feeling good, i am feeling so restless, so finicky as a cat, Its the day when i am not in best of my moods... Baby called me twice to change my mood, to make me laugh and convincing me to go out, but nothings worked out except I ended throwing nails at him without any reason. Sorry baby for behaving such a bitch to you, its not your fault at all, Its me who is in a don't-mess-with-me mood today *pout*

      I Think I should go into hibernation mode which may include doing absolutely nothing but jus pressing a pillow against my stomach and hiding my face into the cushion, I do not want to do something or say something for which I regret later. Mumma please turn off the light and you outta of the door!! Pah-leez!

Later huns

Bubye *pout*‬

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