2. My Callisto Momentz: If she would not be there

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

If she would not be there

                    She ain't a superman but still we rush to her for protection
                   She ain't a doctor, but still we believe she will cure us... may be not with medicine but with her tender, love and care. She is no miracle she is a mother.
           the place where I work, keep having different kinds of promotion... specially on special days.
It struck me when my manager came an discussed an event happening in our store for "Mother's Day"
             .... " M O T H E R ' S   D A Y "      *FACEPALM*

how could it just slipped out of my calendar like head... I thought to do something special for her. So as I got done with my manager (trust me I never even concentrate on what he said, I could just see his mouth moving, that's it). I went to Just Baked and ordered a cake for her, I know she doesn't has a particular flavor craze, but still I preferred strawberry cheese cake ... which was like this.


yummy no? there is an app called "Photo grid". I dunno how many applications I have downloaded in my phone which I barely use.  I am too greedy about having apps in my handset. ok this one you shouldn't have known about me ok so what I was saying is I made a naaaaaice video with the help of this app and dedicated to my mother. I posted it on Facebook too :)  she was so happy seeing the video.

If you go through my blog y'all come to know what kind of on and off relationship I have with my mother, I agree I hurt her have made her cry in times, But I just wanna say how much love and respect I hold for her, I can never be able to explain it or put'em into words!! Its not easy for a woman to look after their children alone. after my dad expired, she is the only one who is everything for me. I can see the strength in her to cope up with any troubles and I really take her as a great example to go ahead in my life. She is very hardworking, I always tried to be like her, superfast and super diligent but I failed... and I know I will never be able to... but still I will keep trying. I love you Amma!! (Tamil word for mother)

P.S : A video which I have made for my first expert , I would like y'all to have a look on it... please. and I will would love to know something about what y'all feel for your mother, you can write a link on my blog comment and I promise , I will definitely check it once I come on blog again.

                     Tu kitni acchi hai, Tu kitni bholi hai, Pyaari pyaari hai, Oh Maa...

  you can check others videos too (:


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