2. My Callisto Momentz: I was not Hibernating, in fact Pondering

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I was not Hibernating, in fact Pondering

Hello bia... how are y'all... oops, hope y'all still remember me?? ain't you?? I know its been a yank I haven't blog.. oh no no no don't think I had a writers block.. no I didn't. emmmm its just that I was BUSY!! now y'all be like *what the hell kind of work I was doing on this earth that made me so busy that couldn't even tip tap my fingers on the keyboard* well for sure I'd never had given up on my bloggers mode, buuuuut guys I really never got a chance to write.. Its just that there are soooo many, so many things had happen with me that I was really confused between choosing what to write and when to write (sometime I was like 'should I write?' ) and eventually I found myself being struck dumb. We have all been there at some point of time. We want to say something, it really means a lot to us, but for some reason, we simply cannot speak of it. Ain't we?? If you guy's have been through this kind of stage in your life, please do write to me, I would love to know if someone is out there just like me. There are so many things which was weighing me down, there were things which were troubling me and  believe me I was not able to take them out through the words!! Trust me bia, I am not that cool cook to make a lemonade out of lemons life throws at me.. in fact I go heart broken thinking can this ever happen to me? (oh I am such a dumb to think even that I am that immune ) anyway...what wrong happened ... its all just happened, what mistake took place, cannot be amended , let bygones be bygones. All  I want to consider the baaaaad things of my life as a "past incident" which might should never happen again.
                              We all evolve in our  life. we all mature through the good and bad experience of our life. We learn from our mistake and be determined not to repeat it time and again. I too had made some silly choices and taken some stupid decisions in my life, for which I had to repay... repay with my happiness, my laughter *though twas not for a long time* I have recognized even bad people existed in my life, and for the good ones; I have set their priority level in order where twas all scattered before. There were people whom I was giving importance unnecessarily and because of that I was loosing the support of the ones who are really strong in holding me. But not now... and it will  NEVER change!!
                 Oh yeah... wanna tell you one more thing!! y'all know that bitch had barked again!! LOL!! Interesting huh! she had tried to hurt me again with her filthy-disastrous-repetitive words! hahah I tell ya one big compulsive highlighter she is ! I could give it to her left - right and front through the same social networking she has chosen to do shitty things from  (so badly that she would have regretted why she ever sighed up in any social activities) but as I said I have evolved and when I said this I mean it. I have come above all these kiddish act and well my statement would always be restrained and what I feel is the more I talk about them , the more I involve them in my life! I rather choose helping others than helping them who are going to hand me nothing at the end. I see so many things happening against me, many things has been told against me but I have promised myself not to ruin my life thinking about these or wasting my time in mending things which are of no good, trust me. In this course of life I have lost many of my so-called-friend but I prefer it to be a good riddance to bad rubbish.
                          "Ignorance Is Bliss" I am holding onto this mantra at the moment of my life...
 What's yours bia?? share something helpful if you want.

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