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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Finger Crossed....!!

   How are ya'll sweople? As ya'll know I am from Kolkata and yeah festive time is hitting here.I guess ya'll have heard about durga puja.. Innit?? Durga Puja also referred to as Durgotsava or Sharadotsav is an annual Hindu festival in South Asia that celebrates worship of the Hindu goddess Durga.
As far as I know, nowadays loads of mythological drama series have come up which are based on the legends of various God. One of them is "Mahadev" which is getting too popular among the gurls, its a mythological drama series based on the legends of Shiva.And the good thing is this serial is being noticed by young gurls from various countries too.One of the solid reason of getting such TRP is choosing dhansu Errr.. I mean choosing good looking actors to play as a Protagonist... (imagine gurls giving cheesy comments on God being SEXY on social networking..!!! LOL)

sexy mama :p (Mohit Raina as Mahadev Avatar)

I even heard from couple of my gurlfriends (who are staying abroad) that they droll over the TV whenever they see Mohit Raina as Mahadev Avatar *hakhakhakhakhak* anyways all in all I wanted to enlighten ya'll about Goddess Durga, and I don't think of any better way to make you see some more varieties of Indian Culture through Indian telle serials. Though I am a christian gurl and have nothing to do with such topics but since i stay in Kolkata, a place where colour, cast, religion and blood never matters, what matter the most is we are Kolkatans and we celebrate even the smallest festival together.
      Durgotsav is starting from today (10th October 2013) it generally get celebrated in the month of October.I am was so excited about it, even more cuz I work in a place where I hardly get time to spent with my friends and family... where I feel like my house has become a guest house for me, cuz I spent most of my hours on duty and go home jus to eat and sleep..I wanna spent time with my family!!

Me and my colleagues were all set for the puja as our boss came and declared FOUR days off for puja.... (it was a great Bonus for us) and I were like *DAYS OFF ON PUJA?? DID I JUST HEAR WHAT I THINK I HEARD???* We were so so so damn happy, because to enjoy puja one should have ample of time to go out, to hang with friends, to go to relatives place and eat sweets like a hogger, to hop PANDALS and to roam around a light smothering city like a nocturnal and to dance in the beats of "Dhaak and Dhol"
Its really fun to be in Kolkata during puja guys! But its my bad luck which always walk with my happiness hand-in-hand! Whenever I get excited about anything its turns into a bizarre eventually!! So after getting the good news we all set our mind and soul to make a plan for puja hunt... but... but... but.....something which happened later was a real happiness sucker..Our boss just botched up our fun when she called up and tried to enquired about the other stored which are relevant to this matter of off on puja (Mrs. Boss, are you dumb enough to run a store on depending what others do and not trusting your wn thinking power eh?) buhuhuhuh... anyway when she asked us ,Unwillingly, we had to give her the real and correct information that the other respective relevant industries places will be open during pujas... :( So now what?? Will she cancel our holidays?? Do we have to sacrifice our fun in the name of duty?? No Way!! I have the key for every locker.. haah!! I called her up and given her the collected information (and I swear I had given her the right information) but ummm yea with a lil bit of masala from my side.... so this is what I conveyed to her...

now shutting down early is okk but "PAYING DOUBLE" (I can imagine my boss swinging all her fingers in tension, hehehehehehe)

bosses are such Kanjoos (penny-pincher)
So now... I have done my job... Lets see if this trick does some Miracle...
Finger Crossed!!!


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  1. there wont be any better way to put a picture of the durgotsav festival. love your blog


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