2. My Callisto Momentz: Chor Saley!!!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Chor Saley!!!

E for ego, A for arrogance, R for rascals, T for treachery and H for haramis (bastards)
If they would not be there, the place would not be called "EARTH" !
            Its a shame for us that we find a friend in them, we try to get along with these kind of hypocrites. Its our foolishness to not to understand the real face behind their sweet and sober face mask! I right now am in that stage where I will think twice thrice hundred times to believe anyone. I have never ever experienced such a disgusting and a pathetic incident before. after which a deep-seated animosity has come between me and the people around me.
We are the most beautiful creation of God, when he created us he gave us every part of his body.. He created his image in us. But what did we give him in return. We used everything given by him to us in all sorts of bad work (not all though, but everyone of us in small to big crime) Human being can do wonders. So many inventions are the great examples. even chori (burglary). I am so very extremely angry that I wanna cut this sort and come to the point ir else I would never be able to tell y'all what had happened actually.
   There was an event held on 18th of March 2014 on Holi festival. somehow I am bounded not to reveal the place and the name of the event becuz it was held by a very dearest friend of mine. As I said that it was one of my friend's event so I was more like a crew member there than being just a guest. I work i such place where holidays and weekend don't mean anything, I work on weekends and slog my ass on holidays when all the other people enjoy at parties, beaches, resorts and other places. So this friend of mine requested me to be with him on the event day and work with on the pre event day as well.
I in my crew member avatar, nice no?

He is my bestie, I would do anything for my friends. So I had already thought if I don't get off on the required day, I would bunk. But Praise to God , luckily our store was closed on the per-event day and was suppose to open late on 17th of march (which is the Holi day itself) So I happily packed my bag and set off to the venue. i was so happy to get a chance to help my friend. My intention as so right, so pure. I went there and worked hard , ran to and fro in the scorching heat, break few religious rules as well. According to the lent season, being a christian, I should not play with colors, at least if its not so important and urgent. but I did it (God forgive me for that). So there more same kind of work, first time I came to know that the various events we always go, dance, drink, eat and enjoy, takes a lot of hard work behind the pleasure and fun we get.
   Anyways I dunno why I am talking about this where I want to say something else, Why i am just moving out from the topic of this post, may be I have gone mad, becuz I have lost my money and it was a good amount (sorry for not sharing how much it was).
   I had carried money for if any urgency occurs, it was in my bag and I no way doubtful that it ws not safe there.  The event was going on perfectly, everyone was busy at their given work, I was too given my 100% of my effort in this event. The day wore on and the event came to an end. Every guest started leaving for their house slowly slowly. I too left before all the crew member cuz I had to report to my work (remember I told I needed to report at 4 in the evening), They were enjoying so much that my heart was jus cursing me to pack my bag like that and leave the=at event, but I had no choice. I went to my bestie, hugged him and wished all the crew member goodbye. I don't know now when we are going to meet again.
    I took my besties car and headed towards my work place. Luckily I was able to reach on time. I was so happy thinking about the day passed with so much of hard work and we had given our sweat , blood and tears to make this event successful. I was so happy thinking that my intention paid me well. I did something for a good cause though all my colleagues were sleeping in their homes.
  But all my happiness just got covered by the black patchy clouds of sadness when I opened my bag and found my LV wallet lying opened and empty. what the efffff!!! why the hell my wallet is opened and empty, who the fuck has done that horrible and so shameful act??? I ws so clueless... at the same time I felt like I suddenly turned into a beggar who doesn't have anything with him. No money means no food, no drink, no wished=s and no enjoyment, there wont be any rest and peace in my life.. Its still 12-24 days to go to get my salary, how will I adjust, I thought about all these by the time I have never thought of the person who has done it. I was among my friends right? I felt like someone has bluffed me. I felt like I have experience the feeling same like what Jesus felt when he discovered that there is a traitor who was living among his disciples.I felt really bad. I called up baby and told him everything, He heard me crying over the phone, he was hone in other half and hour, he consoled me, he tried calm me down by saying that I should not be bothered since he is there for me, I know I wont have to be thinking anything when he is there, but  my money is my own money yaar! and the most important and hurting thing is i will get money again but the trust which i have lost, it wont restrain back. I am no more careful among friends than being in the company of strangers. I kept cursing the friend-cum-thief and was swearing like a truck driver. At last I realized I wont get anything by crying like that. I realized that things which are gone , are gone forever, its better to think that it e=was never mine rather than crying for it. I suppose I have done so many mistake in y=the past, may be it was a redemption fir these sins I have committed. My hard earn money does someone's good. I pray to God!

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