2. My Callisto Momentz: Hello

Tuesday, 25 March 2014



Tik-Tok-Tik-Tok, Its 4 o'clock
My eyes wide open, My mind is blocked
It takes so much, to think so deep
Is that a reason, I ain't no sleep
Is it insomnia?? no it can't be
Its something in my head, buzzing like a bee!
Wanna take it out of my thoughts & mind
It seems no going anywhere, until I whine
So sealed my lips & closed my heart
I have to do so to move it apart
I take it off me & I never gonna be
The one who says I'm there if you need me
There are few thing now I will demand
I owe your love, your care and not only your commands
Its either I don't understand or he just ignore
But its true that I have never expected more
It is my bad habit looking blindly up to you
To think what I see is false & what you say is true
Its ain't going to be the same,the way you want it to be
Its ain't gonna be about you, it will now include m
I will stand right here the place I belong
Hoping you make things right what have gone wrong
I will make it difficult by lurking around
You'll find me by yourself if your love is profound
Now show me your limits & show me your bounds
Go against your call of duty in another way around
You will see me someday when your love comes true fellow
But I promise with my broken heart to you, I'd never say Hello !


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