2. My Callisto Momentz: Karma Slaps Hard Baby!!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Karma Slaps Hard Baby!!

Hello Ladies!!
  I dunno why I am feeling so content today while I am writing this post, If y'all are regular on my post then you must remember I talked about a Bitch. How the fight took place and she went on and on by throwing nails at me, and I couldn't do much but saying bad things to her as well, though twas not as much the level she was downgrading herself.. You see, that's not my forte.
 She went on saying bad things about me and anything regarded myself. She started bitching from my upbringing to my personal relationship!! She cursed my parents, raised questions on my character and at last never spared my fiancée as well. I remember her bitter words which went down inside my heart and it never cease to hurt me every time I see her Ex (who is supposedly my best friend)... I would never taken her shits if I would never believed in Karma . Yes I strongly believe in the power of God Almighty , I believe in His justice.. when He talks everything become dumb! He has his own incredible way to punish the sinners and He never offended me in my prayers. I tell you the day the fight took place, I went back home and prayed to God , I said "God, I pray for the person who hurt me, so that she gets the ability to know the good and the bad, to control on the evil side of her mind and heart, If I did wrong to her never hesitate to punish me and if she did wrong to me, show it to her in your own way"

   I remember how she accused me to be in a useless relationship and called him pathetic where she has no rights to do so. But I never utter a word against her relationship with different people , who keeps changing their place from her heart to her bed... (God forgive me to say so). They say in God's home, there is delay but no denial. She has already faced her Karma and I tell you it has given her on the right time at the right place. She had a break off recently, (what? did I just say what I heard??) yes... this is true. A bitter truth of her life.. and much to my surprise this very news was given to me by my bestie !! I doubt now she must be realizing once she had got the taste of her own medicine... playing with my besties' life, breaking his heart and using him time and again.. she must be having a flashback in her memory lane, when she betray my BFF, when he pleaded for his love and she tramped all his dream by her feet. I swear she is one heartless lady I have ever came across with!!


  I was wondering how come MWB knew about her stitched up love story. There was no reason left for me to acknowledge her sheer selfishness and unfaithfulness when my bestie told me that SHE called him up and told him, may be definitely now she needs a shoulder to cry on. hmmmm now what happened to your dignity lady..? All the time when you refused to talk to MWB ever in your life? Has it been sold in the frustration market or what?? Did you say all that from your butt?? Whateverr!
  By the way I am not surprised or shocked when I heard about her break off cuz I know she is very much used to it, she probably has 5-6 break offs in a year. So its obvious. How can she manage keeping every guy in her man's frame... I do not wanna speak evil but sometime people, these kind of people needs to show them a mirror. I heard she told MWB not to discuss this with me. hahahaah! May be she knew I'd be the one who would laugh last and louder! and yes I did it... HAA HAA HAA!!!

   She had a break off, on top of that she showed the heights of her atrociousness when she shamefacedly called MWB expecting that he would give her the lap that invertebrate needed that time to shove her filthy face in and cry. She definitely knows which side of her bread is buttered (such an example of shamelessness) and I know my bestie.. after all whatever she did to him, he was ready to be there for her, and guys this is not the first time she has done things like this, she has used my innocent-madly-in-love-with-her bestie time and again as I have said already. I do not have any complain against him , I know he loves her, and I appreciate him for that. But in the same time I am trying to make him aware of her wickedness she did in past and I wanna keep him safe this time. I hope her butter would not melt in his mouth.Guess he himself knows it and be alert for God sake.
 I just thank God and appreciate Karma to have this phase in my life, all the tears I shed when she insulted my fiancée, all the pain my bestie have gone through, all the bad words she cast on me, all the cursing she had thrown on MBH is redeemed finally. Repent for all the hassles you created in MWB's life, realize when you considered his love conditional, you betrayed him when he loved you with no string attached, apologize (which is very hard for you kind of egoist person) for the time you abused and disrespect his mom and dad who were supposedly your MOM and DAD too. Shea!! so many mistakes and so much of cheapness, I doubt you face yourself in a mirror, do you?? yes , most probably you can because Shamelessness is YOU! I am afraid I am changing myself into one of you by saying so many things. *period*

    anyway its never too late, So I just hope things have taught her some good lesson and Inshallah she henceforth tries to become a good soul (my gut feeling says she is up to something nevertheless) once a bitch is always a bitch yaar!! whateverr...

P.S. MWB: This time I am not there with you standing beside if this girl makes some stupid silly mistakes again. Its totally your call to be there for her, I am not gonna repay this by staking my self respect and  plead to her for your happiness... the happiness which she can never grant you with... its again her nature... Wish for your best upcoming days and no more heartbreaks!!

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