2. My Callisto Momentz: Entry of the Lord in Jerusalem

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Entry of the Lord in Jerusalem

     Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. We bless you from the house of the Lord

a week before he was crucified like a criminal, he rode into the city a king.

 I think if my blog doesn't talk about God, then I fail being a christian. When I was a child, I used to count my festivals with other religions. I used to think we have so less festivals to celebrate and all of them are just so common, its same routine, going to church , meeting relatives and friends, wishing them and having the followed lunch and dinner together, that's it! Of course as a child thinking his way was nothing unusual, that time we were in the age where our brain was like on holidays until we grow up, our heart used to be on workdays just to beat and pump, nothing more than that.We knew only two feelings, happy and sad.... we used to cry when parents used to rebuke us and be very happy when they used to get chocolate and gifts for us :D
   But now when I am grown up, I am a teen turned into a woman, I have a mind to think, I have a heart to feel more than being happy and sad,  and I have a brain which is small in size but huge and  deep like a well inside which is never over poured with the knowledge we receive day by day. Now I know, that our festival is not just wishing people and meeting relatives, NO, this is not it! Its more than what we can see and what we can understand. As a child even I thought that going to church is the same old routine but what I did not know was it has all new things to teach us every time we visit. It teaches more about our religion, about Jesus and his teachings, It makes us more responsible towards our duty of being a true CChristian. Now when I know it all, I enter church, I keep my mind fresh, my heart dying to accept him and my mind ready to know God and be closer to him day by day.
  Today its Palm Sunday. Its 13.04.2014. This is the 6th Sunday of lent season and the last Sunday before Easter. It is known as Passion Sunday, Flower Sunday and Willow Sunday as well (oh , not bad!) On this day we go to church in the morning which follows by a mass, gospel reading, preaching about the facts of palm Sunday and its value in our life through Jesus. We get palm leaves distributed among us today and we attend mass holding it in our hands. Palm Sunday includes a possession of the  assembled worshippers carrying palms. Why Palm Leaves?? why not roses or some other flowers, why only palm leaves???? that's the question many people think when they see us with a palm leaves holding in our hands and gong back home. I remember how quickly I used to ask Appa (daddy) to make flowers and cross for me out of those palm leaves as soon the Mass used to get over. I miss my dad.

Ain't these beautiful.

It was really fun when we used to make sword out of those leaves and play the palm warrior.. hahaha...

          now enough of fun stories , now lets discuss some fact stories about this holy day. SO.....
    What   is    Palm    Sunday?

 Palm Sunday commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus in Jerusalem, where he would be crucified five days later. According to the Gospel, Jesus rode into a town on a donkey as elated and exuberant crowd hailed him as their Messiah (Savior) and spread out palm branches and cloaks (to make i more comfortable) in his path. They also attempted to hold the palm branches over him to shade him from the sun. Palm leaves are significant symbol on Palm Sunday because it stand for the entry of Jesus  into Jerusalem. It stands for the victory. The same way a donkey is referred as an animal of peace, so Jesus coming riding on a donkey is a significance that Jesus is coming in peace. They welcomed Jesus with more passion and a painful thought as those followers knew that four days later, Jesus would be crucified.
Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the Holy Week. This week is very important for Christians. This holy week continues with a Good Friday which is the last day of Jesus life and ends with Easter, the day of  his resurrection.

I feel very bad when I see most of the Christians going church as it is a work for them , its like just go and finish it. Most of us go to church occasionally. In Christianity , Sunday is considered as a Holy Sabbath Day, we being a christian should go to church in order to keep it Holy. Listen to God and his teaching. If we do not do this,we will not be able to know about the one who has sacrificed his life on the cross for us. We will not be able to know the value of the Holy Trinity (Father, Sin and the Holy Spirit) Thus we will never be able to enlighten our children and other young generations about how lucky we are being Christians. It will be shame for us if we do not understand that somehow we can loose the opportunity to teach others and lessen our sins and redeem it through teaching Gods Prayers.
If you regularly go to Church, You will feel Jesus inside you. You will be able to see with your naked eyes how much persecution he has gone through, you will be able to feel his pain and agony.

On this day I pray for all those Christians who are still adamantly unaware of His sacrifice. We should know that he knew this from before, he has all of us in his mind, He knew it that He has to give his life in order to save ours, but still he did not reused to, he did not refused to his Almighty Lord, His unending passion and love he showed us in his way. Why cant we show him the same love by doing things which makes him happy. We can, right? 

On this Holt Occasions I pray for y'all, that the spirit of this Holy occasions, the warmth of the season make your heart bloom with joy and happiness.

 Have a Blessed Palm Sunday, Be a True Christian!!!


  1. You are true lover of God. It is well cleared from your post. Keep like this only.

    1. Anusia:this is my first blogging experience and I am really glad there are people who appreciate it... Praise to the Lord !


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