2. My Callisto Momentz: Saturday should be my stress buster

Monday, 7 April 2014

Saturday should be my stress buster

Hello Ladies... how are y'all?
 I work in such organization where party and good time don't exist. Its only work, work and work. Though we get our weekly offs which is NOT on weekends (only weekdays). Y'all tell me who parties on Monday??or any other weekdays... I dunno, but when I get my off day, I just cant think about anything but getting up late, having lunch late... I don't have word "lunch" in my eating pattern, Its always Lunner :p . as the day wear on I pass my day running errand, reading books, watching TV but never ever think of gong out and meeting anyone, you see I am not some big shot people will die to meet with and try to  manage time... so basically my off days goes with the thought of oh-hell-my-weekly-off-is-good-for-nothing feeling.
what I think is people need to plan their shcedule for their chuttis (holidays) I see all my friend planning for their weekends, which restaurant they wanna go, which disc floor they wanna hit on or which place they can give a short trip to, and what I do with my offs??  

i am best at this yoga position on my week offs :p
 No, I cannot do this to myself, I cannot keep myself away from fun...so what if my weekends are not free, so what if my friends cannot manage their time according to me.. I can always do that. So I decided that I will take out time from my boring life and will try to socialize. I decided to join my friends on weekends, if not Friday night, I can be a bitch on Saturday Night at least. hahaha.
and I am glad to say that I am too serious this time to grab some fun and masti. I understand I need to maintain hard to do this cuz slogging your ass for a whole day, you jus cannot think about partying, and the next day reporting at the same time to your workplace is all the more killing but you cannot have butter on both sides of your bread.
Oh yes, I have called up one of my friend to get me join a dance class too, I love dancing, dancing is my passion and I would love to sweat like a pig while I pump it up. Aaanyway.... last Saturday I went out with friend to a club, I was quiet adamant to go as two of my gurlfriends already backed off so it jus lessened my excitement. I called up baby and asked him to come along, being one of a prey of the same organization, he refused to come, he might be planning to go home asap and just hit the hay. This is what happen to us at the end of the day cuz our work just drain away the energy out  of us, we don't even get time to have a cat nap actually. So I don't have any doubt of asking him why he does not wanna join, understandably I would do the same if I wouldn't be a person who likes partying and some how he doesn't like clubbing much. Baby thinks two is a company and three is a crowd, I am so opposite to him, we are so unlike each other so what opposite attracts darling!
< Cut to >

So I needed someone to suggest me if I should go to the party, I am very pathetic in deciding anything. So baby told me to go as I was planning it since a week. I think I was jus needing someone's approval, anyone who would tell me to go to the party... hahahah. I called up Bebo and told her that I am all in. So we met near my work place after my work got over. We went for a fag and bitched about the friends who did not turn up for the party.
We are the best in it...

 After we were done, we went to Subway, grabbed a veg sandwich (stomach should be all peaceful while we jump like a jack) Then we headed to a restroom of a mall nearby and got ready...

Short Dress... Check!!

High Heels Stilettos.... Check!!

Make Up....Check Check!!

Hair.... Check!!

Clutch with a lip gloss and a kajal inside.... Check Check!! (though we are not gonna open it ones even)

Yeah baby, we are all set to paint the town red! We reached the place. I was so surprised to see that people still remember me even after my partying hiatus. I had loads of fun, after a long time I danced up a storm..Alhamdullilah, such energy after such a hectic work day even. I am blessed with the quality of a red bull I guess! We danced in all kind of numbers, from trance to desi beats. Thus the  party got over and I was very happy with my decision of calling my baby and asked him about the party, I was not so excited to go before he called me... but then all's well that ends well.

P.S.  I did not drink since lent season is going on.. I am away from alcohol though cookie did not fail to indulge in committing sin. Every time I smoke I say sorry to God (that's so stupid of me).

Anyway here are few pics from the party for y'all, aaaaaanjoy!!

This is what I wore for the party :)

My gurlfriend, My Bebo.. mwah! (party planner)

My dancing buddy.. he is so electrifying!

poor guy  didn't get the time to change even :(

I was so tired, My feet were begging for some fresh air.


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