2. My Callisto Momentz: What To Do Re!!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

What To Do Re!!

Inhale ..... Exhale.... Inhale.... Exhale!! *huff*
  Hmmmph!! A new thing about me is discovered. I can really go on doing same things day by day, everyday without thinking to change  it a bit. I am tired finding myself coming to work, and doing NOTHING!!
    only Sit - Eat - Play games - Facebook - Twitter - Blogging and Staring at the computer screen and thinking thousand things at once and ending up feeling so useless :(

for almost anything?

Why am I doing the same thing everyday.. Cant I change it a bit... Cant I move my soggy ass and tryna shuffle !! Oh I see.. so finally I have been the victim of my lazy life... Geez! I need some energy, Uff cant even ask friend for it as how I request an energy booster in the games I play on Facebook everyday.
 why I am behaving like this as though there is really no other work left for me, why am I behaving so dumb, why my days are passing just doing nothing NOTHING productive? I am drilled now, I guess I am loosing the ability to think even... Its may be just a bad and boring day... Oh Geez... wake me up from my monotonous life!

 P.S. My bestie is out of town, missing him as he is out of any contact. Having little slit ups with baby.. need to fix it asap.


  1. Do some yoga. Or simply chill out with friends.

    1. Hi Anusia, first of all thanx for stopping by and give your time here, and girl I tell you, we girls are quite similar, though chilling out wid friends is always a part of my life but you'd be happy to know that I have started twisting my hands and legs too.


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